Best Books For Data Science

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2021.

Many of you must be having question in your mind about best books to learn Data Science.

Here is the list of books extremely useful for data science from various subject areas such as Mathematics and Statistics, Programming, Python, Machine Learning etc.

These books are extremely useful if someone is learning Data Science from scratch or even if someone is working as Data Scientist for few years.

Books according to subject area are listed below(affiliate link):

Data Science Book Recommendation

Must Read for every Data Scientist:

The Elements of Statistical Learning by Trevor Hastie —

Python Data Science…

Image source —

Hello, machine learning enthusiasts!!!!

A warm welcome to my new story where I have tried to explain dummy variables — what and why along with an important concept known as dummy variable trap.

Lets try understanding the concept of dummy variables first.

The problem:

Any real world data set that you or me get to work upon does have mix of different types of variables. These different types of variables predominately fall in two buckets:

  1. continuous variable — Examples — age, height, weight, salary, etc. …

Image source —

Quite often I have seen data scientists with decent amount of experience struggling to explain “R squared for regression model”.The idea of writing this story came out from one of these experience recently. My intention of the story is to make “R squared” absolutely clear for readers.

Having close to a decade of experience in data science industry, I have been playing roles on both sides of the interview table quite often. With this article, my intention is to present a generic structure of typical data science interview and how one can approach the process to make it success.

Disclaimer:This is based on my personal experience and it might have a limited overlap with yours, lets see forward how similar are our experiences and degree of overlap we have!!!!!!!!!!!!

Towards end of the article, I have listed some special tips for freshers looking for data science job.

Breaking ice :

The bigger Umbrella

How to become a data scientist?

Google search engine processes close to 3 and half billion searches everyday. My italic bold sentence written above is one of the significant contributor of this number without any doubt…:)

Data science being fancy word in market, all of us are obviously interested in knowing more about it. Some of the working professionals are putting hard efforts to get required skill-set which are needed to be put in their resume to be called as “data scientist resume” according to their “data scientist friends”.

Having close to a decade of industry experience in data science…

5 points worth evaluating to become a data scientist.

Data science — the buzz word in market!! isn't it?

Sexiest job of the time, 29% increase in demand year over year and a 344% increase since 2013, easy to get a good salary hike…. etc etc etc :)

Lucrative enough to get into one’s mind and push to switch their career towards becoming a data scientist.

In this article, I will explain, 5 prerequisites of becoming a data scientist which one must be aware before taking decision of moving to data Science as an career option.

I am a data…

Aman Kumar

I am a data scientist continuously helping businesses grow by machine learning consulting along with data science initiatives like mentoring and training.

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